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AffordaTax Biz-in-a-Box, Inc. is designed for the aspiring or seasoned tax professional. We provide Tax Slayer, OLT or Crosslink tax software, where you can either be the end-user or your own Service Bureau (resell tax software to other EROs). Bank product enrollment is seamlessly integrated into the software and you can select from Refund Advantage, TPG, Refund Advantage, EPS, Republic Bank and Refundo.

Our Fully Integrated Tax Preparation, E-File and Bank Software suite can be accessed with absolutely no upfront cost, no minimum requirement, no setup cost, free training, tech support and mobile e-signature capability. Depending on the package selected, a Service Bureau and/or Transmission Fee is embedded. You can also opt to customize your biz-in-a-box for an upfront cost.


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  • Tax software can be white-label under your own brand and technical support is included.
  • File Individual 1040s and All Schedules (federal & state) AND Corporate Business Returns (990,1041, 1120s, 1065)
  • Earn Service Bureau fees instead of just paying them.
  • Personalized training to learn how to become a successful Service Bureau.
  • Bank Product Enrollment – Offer Cash Advance and collect your tax prep fees out of customer’s refunds.

All-Inclusive &
No Upfront Cost Tax Software Suite of Services

Get Everything You Need With No Up-Front Cost … With the Ability to Customize Your Biz-in-a-Box

AffordaTax Biz-In-A-Box is designed for the price-conscious tax preparer who wants no-front cost tax software and tax training; and the ability to expand quickly and tools to manage your virtual, home-based or retail tax office easily.

Web-Based Professional Tax Software

  • Crosslink, TaxSlayer Pro or OLT
  • Individual and Business Returns 
  • Integrate With Your EFIN
  • Accessible Online/Tablet/App
  • Unlimited Logins
  • Up to 5 prior tax years
  • Interview or Forms Based
  • How-To tax software training

Become Your Own Service Bureau and Re-Sell Tax Softare

  • Hassle Free Demo – Give your demo link to potential clients which lets them create a demo account.
  • The fees associated with re-selling software can help grow your business and generate revenue for your bottom line.

Bank Product Enrollment

Compete with the big-box tax offices

  • Software allows you to offer $250-$6,000 Cash Advance to your clients
  • Your clients can deduct tax prep fee from refund or pay upfront
  • Your tax prep fee is associated with your banking information so you get them as returns fund

Customer Support

  • Phone Support/Training for tax questions
  • Marketing Training
  • PTIN & EFIN Assistance

IRS-Approved Certified Tax Training

  • 15 continuing education (CE) credit hours
  • CE hours are reported to the IRS and will show under your PTIN on the IRS PTIN portal. 

Web-Based Portals, Fully-Automated

  • Unlimited E-Filing of Federal Returns & All States
  • Mobile Signature Feature
  • Document Repository Platform for Clients to Upload Tax Docs in an encrypted link to ensure IRS WISP compliance
  • Online Client Intake Form & Template to help with due diligence requirements

EFIN Requirement

  • Attach Your EFIN
  • We can help you complete the IRS EFIN Application
  • EFIN is required


  • Personalized Webpage for Your Tax Office – 7 Templates
  • Business Cards & Postcard Design Templates
  • Downloadable Vacation Vouchers

Re-Sell Tax Software and Become Your Own Service Bureau for No Upfront Cost

 Earn Additional Passive Income

Leverage other tax professionals in the industry!  Stop competing with other tax professionals and re-sell them your tax software. Maybe your friends, colleagues, and even clients have asked how they can start their own tax business. Their first step is to get professional tax software, get trained on the software and get taxation law training. Resell both! They can access the training within their own biz-in-a-box training portal. Become your own Service Bureau!



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Tax Software Has Built-In Feature So You Can Offer Your Clients $250 to $6,000 Cash Advance (just like the big-box tax stores)

Automatic Approval to Offer Advance With Every Package

Attract & retain more clients with Cash Advances that begin January 2nd until Mid-March.

Select the option within the tax software on behalf of your client, and at the click of a button, they will know their approval status almost immediately, and receive their advance almost immediately (payable from their refund once it funds).


Add-on Fees

(Embedded In Software & If You Decide to Add Them On, Rebated to You in June)

Automatic Approval to Offer Advance With Every Package

You can embed an add-on fee within the tax software for a Doc Fee, Service Bureau Fee and Audit Defense Fee (all payable when a client’s return funds).

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Your Turn-Key Solution
For Tax Preparers

Become an IRS-Authorized E-File Professional and get your turn-key tax business in a box. No Up-Front Cost & No Experience Required. IRS-Certified Training is provided (15 CE Hours reported to your IRS PTIN poral).

You get our tax software suite without paying upfront. You don’t pay upfront for tax software licensure, tax training, bank integration, etc.

This game-changing way to buy tax software and tax training gives you everything you need to stay IRS-compliant, competitive and meet client needs.

Your Fully Integrated Suite of Services includes training that is Automated, Online and Self-Paced + Zoom Calls in real-time.

Being a Tax Preparer Utilizing AffordaTax Biz-in-a-Box has changed my life!

The AffordaTax Biz-in-a-Box is a well oiled machine that offers everything a professional requires to be successful. I am so appreciative to have the great fortune to have attracted AffordaTax and its seamless operation and tools and have used them as my tax software and tax training vendor for he past 9 years!

Cynthia McKellar, Alabama & NY

Free Tax Software Trainings

Our tax software includes Mobile Document App Securely, which allows you to share and sync tax documents & easily scan/request documents on-the-go.

Premium Options Available

Branded Tax Software |  Business Startup Services | EFIN Application Assistance | Access to Prior Year Tax Returns | One-on-One Strategic Planning

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